PODCAST BONUS: What you stand for and 6 ways that can make running your business simpler

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Hey hey everyone! Welcome to this extra special bonus episode of From Hustle to Hell Yes. 

I have a question for you: When you hear the phrase “core values” do visions of posters with quotes in script-y font dance in your head? Do they seem a little… fake? There’s a good reason you feel that way. Lots of companies talk good game about core values, but then we find out that there’s really no trace of them anywhere when you dig just below the surface of their slick website, right? 

That’s unfortunate because if there is one thing that makes business easier, it’s using what you stand for to simplify in all sorts of places in your business. So today, I want to walk you through 6 problems you might be facing in your business that what you stand for can help you solve:

Problem #1: lead generation struggles. You can't convert leads that they don't have. So you need more leads, because, if we're just playing the numbers game, more leads will mean more buyers in theory. Core values can be a lead generation tool. How does that work? People buy from people that they know, like, and trust. One of the ways potential buyers begin to know like, and trust you is through your values. And this builds k/l/t in a way that is authentic and real and unique to you. It is centering your mission and vision and the values-driven side of your business, and that's like an easy button for know, like and trust. In fact, some brands I’ve only discovered BECAUSE of their core values. For example, I discovered the brand Everlane because I love fashion but sustainability is really important to me. When I was looking for more affordable sustainable fashion - because listen, that stuff can be pricey - they stood out in their transparency around environmental impact and ethical production practices.

Your customers are almost certainly looking for products and services that align with their values - and being clear about what they are can make you more visible to them.

Problem #2 lead conversion struggles. And again, because core values are a way of hitting the easy button on your know, like trust factor, then it helps with that as well. Another thing is that in order for people to know like and trust you, you need to create content that they resonate with, and you need to put it out there consistently. On average, someone has to come across you and your message 7 times before they buy from you. It’s called the Marketing Rule of 7 and it was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Lant and states that a prospect needs to get your message at least 7 times minimum within an 18-month period before they'll take action to buy that product or service. That means that you need to constantly churn out your message to put you on your potential client’s radar regularly. But we don't want to be on the hamster wheel of content creation, do we? So using core values in content creation regularly is an easy way to create content about your business and how you operate. You can point out how they're woven into your business, why you do what you do, how you do it, and the way those values impact your customer’s experience. That's really powerful content for you to create. It’s already part of what you're doing, and doing it with intention and talking openly about how that positively impacts your clients makes it an easy piece of content to put out there. There are ways almost every day in which you're using these core values. Once you've identified them, defined them, and really applied them to your business in meaningful ways, it’s almost impossible not to showcase them in ways that your audience will resonate with. 

Problem #3 in that first five years: Decision making. 

What tools, systems and operations, and processes are going to help the business run like a well-oiled machine. I mean, how many email tools are there? How many domain name hosts? Being aware of what values those companies you’re buying from have can simplify a lot of decision making - because frankly, a lot of these tools are really comparable. There’s very little that sets them apart from each other, practically speaking. What you want to do is take a look at what that organization is doing that aligns with your core values. For example, there are all kinds of places where you can buy web hosting services. Let's say for example that you have a Wordpress site and that the environment and sustainability is a core value of yours. Green Geeks has you covered - they share that core value and they do things differently than the other guys. (There are quite a few green web companies out there now, so it’s worth checking out!)

No matter what decision you’re making, using your core values to decide will help you feel really solid in the choice you ultimately make. This is especially true when we have to make difficult decisions - like how to handle a social media post that blew up (and not in a good way - we’re talking crisis-level mistake.) In most cases - and I encourage you to look at any of the latest influencer implosions - taking a good hard look at core values and responding accordingly would have kept them out of trouble in the first place. 

Problem #4: Anxiety about uncertainty. We can't predict the future. So we can't know how a decision is going to affect us. But if you want to stop the anxiety, if you want to be able to go back to sleep, and not toss and turn about whether or not you made the right decision, using core values is a really, really powerful way to shut those voices down. The ones that are whispering, "Was this the right decision?” All of those questions, all of those what ifs, all of those worries suddenly become less loud when you can say, “Well, I made this decision based on the values that I hold to be most crucial and important to me, and therefore I stand by my decision, no matter what happens, I made the best decision based on my values and what's important to me.” 

Problem #5: Burnout. Our ability to be resilient through all the ups and the downs really relies on the culture that we're setting up for ourselves within our business. I know some of y’all are going to be looking at me like “why is that important for my business? I’m a business of 1! I am the culture!” Yes, you are correct, you are the culture. And sometimes that makes it even harder to create a good one. Here's why building your culture intentionally is so important: they are the foundations of how you operate within your business, and what this business ultimately does for you, for the people that work for you, and for your customers. If you don’t define a supportive and productive culture for yourself, you’re going to burn out. 

There I said it, the B word. Burnout. You're going to burn out. And the reason is that your organizational culture, even if you're a culture of one, will absolutely impact your ability to do work for a sustained period of time. Building a business is a marathon, not a sprint, and using core values can help lighten that load in big ways, giving you more resilience, more sustainability, and more endurance. 

Problem #6 You need a community. One of the ways that we build community is through shared values. Think of any group you’re part of where the members are super engaged and excited to be there. I’m betting that one of the reasons is a passion for a shared value. Maybe it’s a passion for nature, or for a geographical place, or a specific show (Full disclosure, I’m in a Facebook group devoted solely to Star Trek and discussing that universe and there are PASSIONATE, HEATED DISCUSSIONS about even the most minor of details - but the core value that underlies these discussions is appreciation and delight.) 

These are all ways in which what you stand for can help you run your business with more easy, enjoyment, and effectiveness through whatever change and uncertainty is ahead. And there is a LOT of change and uncertainty in the world right now. 

The reason I called my business change agent studio, is because the only constant is change. Things are constantly changing. How you're going to roll with uncertainty, how you're going to cope with it, how you're going to make change work for you… will impact your ability to grow your business. It's not just about the tactics, it's about the underlying principles behind how we deal with change and getting really comfortable with uncertainty so that you can put your attention NOT on your fears and NOT on your anxiety and NOT on the things that that you can't predict or you can't actually control. The only thing that you really truly 100% have control over is how you respond to these changes. And your core values are the compass you need to help you navigate.

And that is why I created a free challenge called Hit the Easy Button. It’s a 5 day challenge designed to help you identify, define, and use your core values in your business. In 15 minutes a day for one week, you’ll create more ease through:  

Guidance tailor made for your unique business. 

Simplified decision making - and never lose sleep worrying about whether you made the right choice.

Growing your know, like, and trust factor with your potential clients FAST - making it easy for them to buy from you (and generate unique content quickly and easily at the same time!)

Standing out from the crowd in a truly noteworthy way.

If you're considering whether or not it's it's a good idea to invest your time in this challenge, let me tell you a few important things to consider:

This challenge walks you swiftly through the process of identifying, defining, and using core values.  There is a masterclass and it is an actual live class that’s going to dig in and get real about building a business on foundations that are unshakeable. Yes, I’m going to announce something else I’ve created in that same vein, but the real purpose of it is to get you into thinking and acting realistically about the foundations in your business that are not being strengthened by all of those digital courses you’ve taken. We’re going to talk about core values and the other foundations that are key to entrepreneurial success. I know their the keys because I’ve seen them in action, I’ve followed small businesses closely over the last years and studies what the successful business owners all have in common.

You can join the challenge and the masterclass by signing up at changeagent.studio and clicking the Core Values Challenge: hit the easy button which is also in the show notes for this episode. Thanks so much for listening!