PODCAST 10: Marketing Minimalism: an interview with Ellen Yin

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Check out Ellen’s Marketing Minimalism system: www.ellenyin.com/getclients and her latest financial report here

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Podcast Notes:

Ellen Yin, founder and podcast host of Cubicle to CEO™ joins me this week on From Hustle to Hell Yes!

Her journey from "Cubicle to CEO" began when she quit her corporate marketing job at the end of 2017...without a backup plan. Ellen is a self-described accidental entrepreneur: she landed her first client a month into the job search and decided she'd never submit another resume again. Ellen profitably bootstrapped her business growth, scaling that initial $300 client project into 7 figures in revenue; a milestone only 2% of female founders ever achieve, and one that feels especially momentous as a first-generation Asian American.

To date, Ellen has served over 8,000 entrepreneurs and brands through her online courses + marketing agency services. Her online membership teaches solopreneurs who offer clients services how to make their first $10K month - without a large audience or posting. I’m so thrilled that she joined me to dish on all things marketing and more!


[5:45] So let's get straight to one of the reasons I love what Ellen does: Marketing minimalism. What it is and the secret to mastering it.

[9:45] Ellen’s philosophy on being productive: Urgent + Important + her secret ingredient that takes your effort to next-level effectiveness.

[13:30] Selling to a small audience and the opportunity you have as an entrepreneur to engage meaningfully with your audience and listen for the ways you can serve them as individuals.

[22:25] What to do to engage your network when you don’t have a network.

[29:50] One of the reasons that I fell in love with what Ellen does is that she is so incredibly transparent about her numbers. (You can check out her financial latest report here). Not only does she give us a peek behind the curtain of her finances and how she takes stock of her business every quarter.