PODCAST 11: THREE Phases of Creativity + 1 You're Probably Skipping DETAILS

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Links and Resources:

The pawpaw tree that inspired this episode:


adrienne maree brown’s work can be found at http://adriennemareebrown.net

More information about Otto Scharmer and Theory U: https://www.ottoscharmer.com and https://www.presencing.org

The Biomimicry Institute has lots of resources : https://biomimicry.org

Stunning examples of natural strategies to model your solutions after can be found here: https://asknature.org/biological-strategies/


Listen for these highlights:

[3:14} Stage 1: Germination

[4:00] Stage 2: Fruition

[4:21] Stage 3: Harvest

[4:50] Stage 4: Stratification (or Liminal Space)